Harirama Jogaiah Demands Clarity on Pawan Kalyan's Role in Upcoming 'Jenda' Rally by Chandrababu

Harirama Jogaiah Demands Clarity on Pawan Kalyan's Role in Upcoming 'Jenda' Rally by Chandrababu
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Amaravati: The much-anticipated 'Jenda' rally, a collaborative event between the TDP and Janasena parties, is set to take place tomorrow (February 28) in Tadepalligudem. With the participation of TDP chief Chandrababu and Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan, a new wave of enthusiasm is observable among the ranks of both parties. Against this backdrop, seasoned politician Harirama Jogaiah has posed several questions, expressing his dissatisfaction with the allocation of 24 assembly seats to Jana Sena and seeking clarification on certain issues. He has penned an open letter to the Kapu community in this regard.

His questions include queries about Pawan Kalyan's role in the alliance formed between TDP and Janasena with the aim of countering the alleged misrule of the YCP government under CM Jagan. He questions the role of Pawan Kalyan should the alliance gain power, especially in the context of recent political developments that seem to sideline the interests of weaker sections and marginalized communities.

Furthermore, he asks about the extent of power and authority Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu would hold in the event of forming a government, particularly in terms of addressing the aspirations of weaker sections.

Harirama Jogaiah demands that Chandrababu provide answers to these questions in the upcoming Tadepalligudem rally. He emphasizes the need for clarity on the roles of Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu before proceeding further, especially regarding the governance model of a potential TDP-Jana Sena government. He advocates for a dignified position for Pawan Kalyan in such a government, with sufficient powers to make decisions benefiting marginalized communities.

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