YSRCP activist attempts to attack TDP leader Somireddy with iron rod

YSRCP activist attempts to attack TDP leader Somireddy with iron rod
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Nellore: A worker from the YSR Congress Party attempted an attack on senior Telugu Desam Party leader Somireddy. The assailant approached with an iron rod, threatening to stab him, and created a scene. He also verbally abused TDP leaders who tried to intervene tore down flex banners prepared by TDP leaders, and attacked the house of a local leader. This incident occurred in Kattupalli, Manubolu Mandal, Sripotti Sriramulu Nellore district on Monday. Somireddy has filed a complaint with the police. According to details provided by TDP leaders and the police...

As part of the campaign "Babu Surety - Bhavishyathu Guarantee," TDP senior leader and former minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy visited Kattupalli on Monday. TDP leaders had arranged flex banners welcoming Somireddy to the village, which were torn down by YSRCP workers named Balli Venkatayya, Sai, Ankayya, and Ayyappa. TDP leaders set up the banners again on Monday, which were also destroyed, and the poles were thrown into a pond. When questioned, the vandals responded with abuse. Upon Somireddy's arrival to the village, TDP local leaders welcomed him with fireworks, leading to an argument with Venkatayya.

After local leaders intervened, Venkatayya left but returned shortly with an iron rod and attempted to attack Somireddy. As the conflict escalated, Somireddy and other leaders left the scene. Venkatayya's group also attacked the house of a local TDP leader, Mahendra, breaking windows and damaging a car. Women from the neighborhood intervened, and Venkatayya and his group eventually left. TDP leaders have filed a complaint with the police about the incident, and the police reported that Venkatayya's group also filed a complaint against the TDP leaders.

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