Israel in talks with SpaceX to roll out Starlink internet services: Minister

Israel in talks with SpaceX to roll out Starlink internet services: Minister

The Israeli government is in discussions with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to roll out Starlink internet services for communities near the conflict zone.

Israel Minister of Communications Shlomo Karhi said that an activity is taking place to coordinate the company 'Starlink' in Israel, so that it will be possible to operate satellite communication terminals of Space-X, which will allow connection to broadband Internet in Israel.

“Also, under the guidance of the minister, the ministry promotes the purchase of these satellite devices for the benefit of mayors and heads of settlements in the conflict line settlements,” Karhi posted on X.

"At the same time, a readiness test of the companies for an emergency in the northern region is carried out; cellular communication sites and fixed communication to the Internet,” the minister informed.

Starlink is not available in Israel as of now. The satellite-based internet provides a critical edge during conflicts or wars.

However, Musk refused to activate the service when Ukraine requested it prior to a planned attack on Russia’s navy.

The X owner later said that he never authorised it to be used, and, “If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation”.

In the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war, the death toll on both sides of the war has surpassed 4,000 -- about 2,800 in Gaza -- and more than 10,000 are wounded.

At least 30 Americans have been killed in Israel.

Israel has advised Palestinians in northern Gaza to head south ahead of a ground offensive, prompting concerns that other Middle East adversaries could join the conflict.

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