Narendra Modi stadium to have mini ICUs ahead of ICC cricket world cup

Narendra Modi stadium to have mini ICUs ahead of ICC cricket world cup

Ahmedabad, Oct 4: As the cricketing world's spotlight turns towards Ahmedabad for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup matches, the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) has taken measures for safety and well-being of the audience.

To this end, the GCA has set up six medical kiosks, complete with mini ICUs, within the Narendra Modi Stadium, poised to address any potential emergencies that may arise during the tournament.

A formidable contingent of 3,000 police personnel, complemented by an additional 600 private security members, will oversee the proceedings during the opening match of the World Cup, featuring England and New Zealand.

The venue is equipped with two ramps capable of facilitating the exit of 80 individuals. The safety measures extend beyond the stadium's confines, with security presence encompassing both the stadium premises and its environs.

In a heartwarming display of compassion, the England-New Zealand clash will feature reserved seating for 20 terminally ill children battling cancer.

This noble initiative was promptly approved in response to a request from a non-governmental organization (NGO) by BCCI secretary Jay Shah.

These children will be accompanied by their doctors, ensuring their safety and comfort in a specially designated area.

The Motera Stadium is set to accommodate 132,000 spectators during the much-anticipated India vs. Pakistan encounter scheduled for October 14. The security personnel count will be increased to encompass over 800 private security personnel and more than 4,000 police officers.

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