CM KCR inaugurated Medical College and Hospital near Warangal district

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PRESS RELEASE-01 DATE: 01-10- 2022
Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao inaugurated Medical College and Hospital which has been established in the name of "Pratima Relief Institute of Medical Sciences" at Mulugu cross road near Warangal district center on Saturday morning. After participating in the puja, Chief Minister visited the hospital.

Ministers T Harish Rao, E Dayakar Rao, Satyavathy Rathore, Gangula Kamalakar, State Planning Board Vice-Chairman B Vinod Kumar, MPs
Joginapalli Santosh Kumar, D Damodar Rao, V Ravichandra, Pasunuri Dayakar, Pratima Group Chairman Boinipalli Srinivas Rao, MLCs Kadiam Srihari, Madhusudanachari, Baswaraju Saraiah, Dr. Banda Prakash, Pochampalli Srinivas Reddy, Naveen Kumar, P Kaushik Reddy, Government Chief Whip Dasyam Vinayabhaskar, MLAs Challa Dharma Reddy, A Ramesh, V Satish Kumar, Nannapuneni Narender, Peddi Sudarshan Reddy, Shankar Naik, Dr. T. Rajaiah, Muthireddy Yadagiri Reddy, Greater Warangal Mayor Gundu Sudharani, Corporation Chairman Mettu Srinivas, K. Vasudevareddy, Bollam Sampath Kumar, Y. Satish Reddy, Banda Srinivas, Former MP Sitaram Naik, Former MLC Balasani Lakshminarayana, District Collector Gopi, C.P. Tarun Joshi, Warangal Municipal Corporation Commissioner Praveenya, Pratima Hospitals Directors Dr. Prateek, Dr. Harini, Dr. Ramesh, Dr. Avinash, Dr. Rahul, many public representatives and leaders participated.

     CM KCR' speech on the occasion of the inauguration of Pratima Medical College and Hospital.
It is happy to inaugurate the Pratima College and Hospital established by the management which hailed from Warangal. As Pratima Srinivas Rao said “When CM KCR launched the Telangana movement, the present generation might have born. Now, all of them are pursuing medical education. The movement started when they were born and growing up. They know everything about what is going on." • Today, information revolution is spreading globally and everyone have access to the information. There is no knowledge bank. We are in a situation
where everyone acquires knowledge if one researches it.

   • The Telangana movement continued with the support of people and achieved wonderful Telangana state. Now, Telangana is number one in India in many sectors.
• There is no doubt about it. Union ministers are coming to Telangana for politics and criticizing CM KCR. In Delhi, they are presenting Awards to Telangana.
• During the Telangana movement, I have repeatedly told people and it is one hundred percent realized today.
• Predicted that Telangana will be the most amazingly great and the richest state in the country. It is happening.
• A remarkable achievement is that Telangana per capita income is higher than that of Maharashtra with Mumbai as its capital, which is financial capital of India.

  • Telangana's GSDP growth and per capita power utilization is higher .• It is proud moment that Telangana is ahead of all in every aspect and providing leadership to the nation today.
• Telangana society is enlightened. All these results have been achieved by the government which is moving forward in good coordination with the local public representatives, ministers, MPs and MLAs. All of them are working in tune with the aspirations of the people.
• Telangana achieved wonders in the Health sector and need to attain more.
• Telangana region was neglected in the past. There were only 5 medical colleges in government sector for MBBS seats. Today, 12 more colleges are added. The total number of medical Colleges are 17.
• Although the central government discriminated against Telangana and did not sanction even a single medical college , the Telangana government sanctioned colleges in 33 districts on its own. The mission will be completed in few days.
• With young Harish Rao as the Health Minister, every thing is happening.
• Before formation of Telangana state in 2014, total medical seats were 2800 only. Today , 6500 medical seats are available in the state.
• Once the medical college construction is completed in all districts, there will be 10,000 medical seats.
• There is no need to go to Russia, China or Ukraine for medical education. Telangana students can pursue education without any hurdles.
• Earlier, total PG seats were only 1150 seats. Today, number of PG seats have been increased to 2500 PG seats. Telangana is progressing well in the health sector.
• Telangana has been achieved and progressing fast. Telangana is setting an example for the country.
• Everyone here is educated. Request to all is
• Any country or any society will be in better position if it keeps updated with the happenings around it from time to time. It will flourish and move forward.

   • If a society is inactive, latent and a little confused, it will suffer a lot.
• A good example of this is the sufferings of Telangana.
• Telangana has lost a lot when the leadership made a mistake. Many people sacrificed for Telangana statehood and lakhs of people were jailed. It took decades to achieve Telangana state.
• Everyone is aware of how the Telangana was seven years ago and today.
• The availability of safe drinking water 7 years ago and what is happening today
• Compare power supply seven years ago and now
• Telangana is blessed with all the resources, facilities, and opportunities, Telangana was deceived before the bifurcation of state.
• In 2001, started the Telangana movement again and achieved the goal. Today, Telangana is fast growing and stood a role model for the county.
• India is 'Annapurna' to the world. The wealth of the country is not found in any other country in the world.
• Even in America, which is three times more India in the size, only 29 percent of the land is suitable for agriculture is available.
• China, which is twice our size, has only 16 percent of land suitable for agriculture.
• But, the land area of India is 83 crore acres , of which 50 i.e. 41 crore acres is suitable for agriculture.
• Excellent agro-climatic conditions.
• Also typical mix of lands.. black soils, red soils, sandy soils, light soils.
• In addition to this, 70,000 TMCs of water flowing in the rivers.
• India has abundant natural resources and people are eating McDonald's and burgers.
• Today, India, which supplies food to the world, is being cheated.
• As a result thousands of farmers have been staging dharna s for more than 13 months in the national capital, Delhi.
• We have electricity, water, resources, don't we have working youth?
• Citizens of this country should be updated about the resources and observe what is happening around. We should try our best to reform it and make it better. We should strive to spread progressive ideology.
• India is a tolerant country. The country is ready for sacrifice and also fight
• India is like a bouquet of flowers that embraces everyone with love.
• Some miscreants are trying to plant poisonous seeds in the country for nefarious purposes. It is not justified at all. Not good for society.
• The future is yours. This India is yours. As students and youth, the duty of making this country great is also on you.
• Along with the medical education you are studying, social education and progress should also be observed from time to time.
• It is decided to prepare a health profile for everyone in Telangana.

  • On experimental basis, Government prepared 100 percent health profile in Siricilla and Mulugu. Every person's blood group, health problems are recorded and computerized.
• In case of any kind of illness or any accident, the person has the opportunity to know the complete health condition within a minute.
• If this health profile project is completed in 119 constituencies of the state.. the health status of every person will be known the minute they get any health problem. Doctors will provide necessary medical services to the people in a short time and save lives.
• Dialysis services are also being made available in Mulugu forest area
• A super specialty hospital will be constructed in 24 floors with 2000 beds outside Hyderabad for the people of Warangal and surrounding Karimnagar and Khammam districts.
• People from Warangal need not to go Hyderabad. Instead, people from Hyderabad will come to this Warangal super specialty hospital for treatment.
• Ministers of R&B and Health should complete the hospital works at the earliest.
• Telangana State Health University is also established in Warangal itself.
• Society must be dynamic to develop.
• The society will move forward when the intellectuals are in the front and mobilize people.
• Request all to take steps forward for the construction of a new society and for the construction of a new India.
• Happy Saddula Bathukamma and Dussehra Festival to all of you.

   Jai Telangana… Jai Bharat…

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