Jagan’s last fight in these two hours: Devineni Uma

Jagan’s last fight in these two hours: Devineni Uma
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Amaravati: Amidst today’s polling, Devineni Uma, a senior leader of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), accused the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) cadres of engaging in severe disturbances. Speaking with the media in Vijayawada, Devineni Uma alleged that polling agents were kidnapped before polling began in the constituency of Minister Peddireddy.

He reported that this issue had been brought to the attention of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), leading to the suspension of the responsible Sub-Inspector. Devineni stressed the need for vigilance and warned against supporting the bullying tactics of the ruling party candidates. He further highlighted an incident in Tenali where MLA Shivakumar was involved, likening a slap he received to a strike against YSRCP’s hooliganism.

Devineni emphasized that incidents from this morning, including a software employee who blocked an MLA trying to enter a polling booth without queuing, should serve as examples. In Darshi, TDP candidate Gottipati Lakshmi and her family, all doctors, are facing their first election amid allegations of rigging and non-cooperation from certain officials at booths 155 and 156.

Violence has also been noted in various locations, including Macherla, where TDP candidate Brahmareddy was reportedly barred from entering a polling booth, and Kurnool, where a TDP worker named Arjun was attacked. Incidents of stone pelting at polling booths and vandalism of a vehicle belonging to an SP in Mogilicherla have also been reported.

He warns of potential repercussions if the current situation leads to the re-election of Jagan, whom he sarcastically notes might return to London.

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