Viksit Bharat Ambassador event: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar heaps praise on PM Modi for Kashi facelift

Viksit Bharat Ambassador event: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar heaps praise on PM Modi for Kashi facelift
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New Delhi, May 4: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the spiritual guru and the Founder of Art of Living Foundation participated in the Viksit Bharat Ambassador event on Saturday and showered praise on the Sanatan Dharma as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Kashi facelift.

He said that Sanatan Dharma maintains a fine blend of ancient practices and modern values and its legacy lies in its respect and recognition for all sections of society. Addressing the Viksit Bharat Ambassador Samvad event in Varanasi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that India has taken rapid strides in development and today a leader of the country has emerged as World's 'Vishwamitra'.

"He has earned a new name and fame for the country, which in turn has given a new identity to fellow Indians living abroad. One feels proud to see such leader. Today, India's stature in the world is on a consistent rise. We have reached the Moon and Mars and now longing for bigger targets," he said.

"We have also retained the old values while breaching new horizons of growth. And, Kashi presents a shining example of this legacy. Recalling the erstwhile creaking infrastructure of Kashi Nagri, 10 years ago, the spiritual guru said that the city has undergone massive transformation in terms of economy, road infrastructure and facelift of Ganga ghats.

He further said that he participated in the inauguration ceremony of Kashi Vishwanath corridor and therefore he was a witness to the city's 'transition' on a personal level. The spiritual guru showered praise on PM Modi for the massive facelift of Kashi temple and lauded him for personally acknowledging and recognising the work of labourers.

"I was amazed with the gesture of PM Modi. Before addressing the devotees, he went to the shramiks, washed their feet and got a flower shower done on them. The saints and sages present there, were initially taken aback as it was they who were entitled to such treatment. But the Prime Minister re-wrote the rules and gave the workers their due. I was also awestruck over his conduct," said Sri Sri, narrating the incident before the Viksit Bharat audience.

Sri Sri further praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for strengthening country's civilisational values, spiritual beliefs and restoring its cultural legacy.

"Nobody other than PM Modi cared to give respect to the Sengol. It was he who stood for country's heritage and gave Sengol the respect it deserved," said Sri Sri.

He also said that the West was getting unnerved over India's swift progress in all spheres and therefore, campaigns to defame the government surfaced, from time to time.

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