Ram Charan Honored with Doctorate from Vels University, Shares Heartfelt Gratitude

Ram Charan Honored with Doctorate from Vels University, Shares Heartfelt Gratitude
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Global star Ram Charan was conferred with an honorary doctorate by the prestigious Vels University in Tamil Nadu. The convocation ceremony was held today in Chennai, where the degree was awarded to him. During a press meet organized on this occasion, Ram Charan spoke about the honor.

"I am sincerely grateful to Vels University for bestowing me with this honorary doctorate, showing such love and respect. The university has been successfully running for over 38 years and currently educates more than 45,000 students," said Ram Charan.

He shared an amusing anecdote about his mother's initial disbelief upon hearing the news: "When I first told my mother that I was receiving an honorary doctorate, she couldn't believe it. Being here today among army graduates makes me incredibly happy. Truly, the honor belongs not just to me but to my fans, directors, producers, and fellow actors and actresses. I extend my congratulations to the management, faculty, and students of Vels University for their success."

Ram Charan also expressed his deep connection with Chennai: "Chennai has given me so much. My father started his journey here, and my wife Upasana's grandfather founded Apollo Hospitals here. About 80% of people in the Telugu film industry have strong ties to Chennai. Anyone who dreams of achieving something and comes to Chennai will see their dreams fulfilled. This city has a unique quality of making dreams come true. I was born in Vijaya Hospital and grew up in Chennai."

Regarding his career, Ram Charan is currently working on a "game-changer" film with prominent director Shankar. "Many people aspire to work with Shankar, and it's been a great experience working with him on this project. He has put in a lot of effort for this political thriller, which will be released as a pan-India movie in five languages around September or October," Ram Charan revealed.

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