Tirupati YSRCP Corporator Responds to Hanuma Vihari's Allegations

Tirupati YSRCP Corporator Responds to Hanuma Vihari's Allegations
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It is known that Team India cricketer Hanuma Vihari accused a political leader of being the reason for him stepping down from the captaincy of the Andhra Ranji team. Vihari explained that after he scolded a young player, the player's father complained to the Andhra Cricket Association, leading to pressure on him to relinquish his captaincy.

Responding to this, the young cricketer Prithviraj's father and Tirupati YSRCP Corporator, Kuntrapakam Narasimhachari, stated that despite his son being selected for the Andhra Ranji team, he was not played in a single match. He commented, "If I had political influence, wouldn't my son have played at least in one of the matches? Why wasn't he included even in the final 14 players?"

"If I really had that much political power, my son would have played in all the matches. He would have been made the captain. Hanuma Vihari did all this bearing a grudge from an incident on the first day. He has played for India... How mature should he be? What kind of positive outlook should he have?

The truth is, either cricket lovers or the people of Andhra Pradesh would be shocked... The so-called leaders supporting him should be ashamed. As a father, I did what I had to do when my 23-year-old son was crying over the phone. I filed a complaint with the Andhra Cricket Association in the right manner. Other parents might have taken different decisions.

I too am a sportsperson and proceeded accordingly. My complaint was solely about him (Hanuma Vihari) abusing and coming to hit my son, not about anything else.

He is a fraud. On the very first day this incident happened, he threatened the Andhra Cricket Association," Narasimhachari elaborated. Moreover, he also accused Vihari of being a drunkard and a troublemaker.

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