realme C67 5G sets new benchmark with highest offline sales in C Series

realme C67 5G sets new benchmark with highest offline sales in C Series
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realme's unwavering commitment to making 5G technology accessible to all, particularly the tech-enthusiast younger generation, has propelled the consistent growth of its 5G product range.

As a frontrunner in popularising authentic 5G experiences and the real 5G democratiser, realme has impressively launched a total of 33 smartphones equipped with 5G capabilities so far.

On December 14, realme introduced the latest addition to its Championship series -- the realme C67 5G. This new model stands out as the most feature-packed device in the lineup so far. Notably, it is also the first phone in the C Series to offer 5G compatibility.

realme's steadfast commitment to offering cutting-edge technology at an affordable price is clearly reflected in its C Series, which boasts a substantial customer base of over 30 million in India. The series has made significant strides in fast charging, camera technology, storage, and design aesthetics, with each new generation standing out for its exciting upgrades across these key areas.

The realme C67 5G roped in the highest order by dealers for realme. The online early access offer sale for C67 5G sold out within four hours and set the highest offline first sales record for the C series on December 16.

The realme C67 5G, as the latest entry in realme's 5G phone lineup, exemplifies the brand's dedication to making 5G accessible in India. By integrating advanced technology across all realme smartphone series, not just the premium ones, it empowers the youth with state-of-the-art capabilities.

It supports Dual 5G mode, allowing for the use of two 5G SIMs simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for those needing extensive connectivity.

5G technology is reshaping our lives and work, offering immense possibilities. Its impact extends beyond consumer applications, promising significant global changes. 5G advancements provide more than speed; they offer low latency for near-instant data sharing, revolutionising industries like gaming, healthcare, and autonomous driving where quick responses are vital.

When it comes to charging, the C67 stands out with its 33W SUPERVOOC Fast Charging technology.

Imagine you're getting ready for a day out, but your phone's battery is at one per cent. In just 29 minutes -- about the time it takes you to shower and get dressed -- your device can power up to 50 per cent, providing hours of uninterrupted use. And to ensure that the action never stops, even on the longest days, the realme C67 5G houses a massive 5000mAh battery, promising remarkable all-day battery life.

The need for quick charging solutions has surged dramatically, fueled by users' preference for minimal interruptions and optimal productivity. The realme C67 5G's 33W fast charging feature is more than just a technical milestone; it carries substantial benefits for users seeking high-performance attributes at an affordable price.

By introducing 33W fast charging in the under Rs 15,000 price segment, it provides a cost-effective solution to this demand, enabling users to conveniently recharge their devices.

realme is dedicated to pioneering a new era of connectivity in India, recognising the significant role 5G will play in the future. In response, the brand has swiftly upgraded more than half of its product line to support 5G.

What sets realme apart is its profound understanding of the diverse Indian market and its unwavering commitment to democratising 5G access. This is particularly beneficial for the younger generation who are seeking advanced technology at a reasonable price.

The brand's focus remains on expanding its range of 5G smartphones, with the aim of delivering comprehensive experiences through its 5G products.

Now available for purchase both online and offline, the realme C67 5G beckons you to embrace the future and experience unparalleled connectivity -- all without shelling out the big bucks.

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