Security scare at Varanasi airport as passenger's remark delays Mumbai-bound Akasa Air flight

Security scare at Varanasi airport as passenger's remark delays Mumbai-bound Akasa Air flight

New Delhi: In a bizarre turn of events on Sunday, a passenger's casual but careless comment triggered a security scare at Varanasi Airport, leading to significant delays for an Akasa Air flight bound for Mumbai.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon during pre-boarding security checks, and it served as a reminder of the importance of vigilance in aviation security.

The passenger, whose identity remains undisclosed, reportedly uttered: "Mere paas bomb hai (kya)!" which translates to " Do I have a bomb !?!" 

This statement immediately caught the attention of security personnel and fellow passengers. The comment was made out of apparent frustration with the rigorous security measures in place.

The airport authorities including the CISF swiftly responded to the alarming statement. Security personnel detained the passenger, thoroughly searched her belongings, and conducted an inspection of her personal details. 

"Akasa Air flight QP 1497, scheduled to fly from Varanasi to Mumbai at 2.50 p.m. on October 1, received a security alert during the boarding process," said the spokesperson.

"As per safety and security procedures, all passengers were deplaned and the local authorities followed required procedures following which the aircraft was released for operations. The Akasa team was on ground to assist passengers and serve refreshments and the flight departed at 8.06 p.m.," the spokesperson added.

Passengers waiting to board the Akasa flight to Mumbai experienced a significant delay as a result of the security scare. The delay lasted for several hours, disrupting travel plans for many passengers and causing inconveniences.

Earlier on September 29, a threat call was received on ground when the Akasa Air aircraft on its way to Mumbai landed back at Varanasi Airport, however it later turned out to be hoax. 

"Akasa Air flight QP 1498, flying from Mumbai to Varanasi on September 29, 2023 received an emergency alert from Air Traffic Control," said the spokesperson.

"The Captain followed all required emergency procedures and landed safely in Varanasi. All passengers and crew are safe and have been deplaned. Akasa Air has completed all mandated security procedures and subsequently declared the aircraft safe," said the spokesperson.

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