PM mentions startup KumbhiKagaz's efforts in 'Mann Ki Baat'

PM mentions startup KumbhiKagaz's efforts in 'Mann Ki Baat'

New Delhi, May 28: During his address to the nation through 'Mann Ki Baat' radio talk show, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday mentioned startup named 'KumbhiKagaz', which aims to produce paper from water hyacinth.

The Prime Minister mentioned that this accomplishment was once considered next to impossible but has now become a reality.

"Another startup is 'KumbhiKagaz'. I am confident that you will find this topic very interesting. 'KumbhiKagaz' has taken on a special task of making paper from water hyacinth. Water hyacinth, which was once considered a problem for water sources, is now being utilized to create paper," said the Prime Minister.

Water hyacinth is an aquatic plant native to South America. It was introduced in India in the 18th century by Lady Hastings, the wife of Lord Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of India. In various parts of the world, this plant is used by NGOs and entrepreneurs to create furniture, handbags, baskets, ropes, and household goods/interior products such as lampshades and picture frames.

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