Cops seize emerald idol worth Rs 25 cr at YSRP leader's house; Lokesh slams govt

Cops seize emerald idol worth Rs 25 cr at YSRP leader's house; Lokesh slams govt

Amaravati: TDP leader Nara Lokesh reacted to the seizure of an emerald idol of Lord Ganesha worth Rs 25 crore by the police in the house of YSRCP leader Venkateswara Reddy in Prakasam district.  He alleged that it was one of the stolen idols. Lokesh assumed that if Rs 25 crore idol was found inside the house of a local YSRCP leader imagine how many idols one can found in the houses of senior YSRCP leaders.

He also criticised the YSRCP leaders for taking over the settlements while the YSRCP chief was looting the state. Apart from the emerald idol incident, there are suspicions among devotees that YSRCP leaders are stealing jewellery in temples across the state, he alleged.

Lokesh lamented that since Jagan came to power, YSRCP gangs have been attacking Hindu temples and making allegations against the TDP. He reminded that the culprits in the Antarvedi chariot burning incident, the thieves, who stole Goddess Durga's silver lions and the beheading of Lord Rama at the Ramatirtha temple, have not been found till date. Lokesh lamented that under the rule of the YSRCP government there is no safety not only for the people but also for the property of the temples and idols.

In this context, he demanded that all temples in the state should be audited urgently either by the Central team or under the supervision of a judicial body. Otherwise, the jewellery of Gods and Goddesses is in danger of turning into ornaments and ultimately children of the YSRCP leaders will adorn them.

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