Burra Naga Trinadh appointed as Jana Sena public policy analyst

Burra Naga Trinadh appointed as Jana Sena public policy analyst

Amaravati: New appointments are in full swing in the Jana Sena led by party president Pawan Kalyan. New appointments are being made in the wake of the end of the party's foundation day celebrations. 

Pawan has already appointed Rayapati Aruna from Ongole as the party's spokesperson. The party 
on Friday appointed Burra Naga Trinadh from Visakhapatnam as the party's spokesperson and public policy analyst. Although the position of the spokesperson is old, the position of the new public policy analyst has been created. 

Burra Naga Trinadh is a highly educated man from Visakhapatnam. He is fluent in Telugu as well as English. Burra has served as Deputy Head of the Commonwealth Youth Council as a youth leader. He has served 53 countries. As a part of a public policy study, he paid visits to nearly 5,000 villages.

He has experience of being active in various national and international activities. He received three years of training in the youth leadership of the Jana Sena. The party's political secretary Hariprasad said in a statement on Friday that the decision to appoint Burra as the party's public policy analyst had been taken after completion of the training programme. 

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