realme 9 Pro series to wear industry-leading Light Shift Design

realme 9 Pro series to wear industry-leading Light Shift Design

As the fastest-growing smartphone brand realme gears up to launch its much-awaited 9 Pro 5G series in India, the upcoming devices will feature an industry-leading Light Shift Design feature on the rear panel. To achieve this feat, the company gathered photographs of the sunrise from realme fans around the world in nine different time zones.

The designers then extracted the most classic changing colour in the sky from a quiet blue to a blazing red. This fleeting change was then replicated and imposed on the rear of the phone panel, according to the company.

The Light Shift Design applies to Sunrise Blue finish. Under normal sunlight or ultraviolet light, the back cover will become completely discoloured from blue to red in about 3 seconds; under no sunlight, it will fade in 2-5 minutes.

According to the company, not only did realme look into the thickness of the colour-changing layer but also the colour-changing form, the binding strength when adhered to the glass, working temperatures, and the lifespan of conversion times, along with the material that had to undergo synthesis tests at different steps.

It took over 200 attempts to successively vanquish difficult problems such as devising a way to ‘alter' the molecular structure to make the material change colours and fade more rapidly, and repeatedly adjusting the concentration in order to attain a balance between the colour result and the thickness of the colour-changing layer.

The process works on the photochromic principle, which is a reversible reaction under the action of light where a coating with organic photochromic materials is added with OCA. It can also change colours when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

The realme engineers creatively added an organic composite layer to the photochromic layer and glass, which not only guarantees the viscosity but also increases the colour rendering rate by 40 per cent, among the highest in the industry.

The design includes all three colors using a ground-breaking 3-layer grain process that creates a stunning colour-filled shine with a vibrant vertical beam that gleams from every angle, just like a mystical wonderland on the back of the phone.

The perfect superposition of the dual-layer coating and one reflective layer interlaces the tens of thousands of nano-textures, ensuring that the vertical beams and star points are dazzling, no matter what angle the user looks at it from, said the company. The company is launching the 9 Pro 5G series (above Rs 15,000) at a time when according to Strategy Analytics realme's number series was ranked No 4 (as of Q3 2021) among the ‘New Age Smartphone Families'.

In Q3 2021, realme became the fastest brand ever to ship 100 million units globally. As one of the fastest-growing Android smartphone series to reach 40 million shipments, the realme Number series has achieved this milestone in only 14 quarters - the realme 1 was launched in 2018.

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