Mudragada comes full circle on Tuesday

Kapu supremo Mudragada Padmanabham moved in a circle on Tuesday. This morning he set out from native Kirlampudi to Amalapuram police station where the six arrested overnight were lodged. They were arrested in connection with the Tuni violence, including the attack on two police stations there and burning of the Ratnachal Express. Mudragada demanded that they should be released immediately. He suggested to the police if they ought to be arrested in connection with the Ratnachal Express burning, he should be made the Accused 1 in the case. The police told him instead that they would do no such thing, and Mudragada should not interfere in their investigation work. As the Amalapuram demonstration saw an increasing number of Kapu leaders gathering there, the police thought it wise to shift Mudragada to Rajahmundry CID office. He was hustled into a police van and taken to Rajahmundry, as per the wish of the Kapu leader himself. Seven more were arrested in connection with Tuni violence. So the police felt that it was not prudent to keep Mudragada, who was told he was not arrested, in Rajahmundrry also. The safest place the police felt was Kirlampudi, the native town of Mudragada. So the police dropped him at his home at Kirlampudi in the afternoon. Thus Mudragada has come full circle on Tuesday.

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