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Present Power Supply Position In Telangana

Wed, Oct 23, 2019, 03:07 PM
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This year Telangana state is fortunate to have active Monsoon throughout this Kharif Season. Apart from Telangana State, monsoon is active in other parts of the country particularly in Maharashtra and Karnataka states which is the source point for Krishna River.

The present Demand in terms of Peak and Energy in the State during the month of Oct’19 is 8532 MW and 166.35 MU/day when compared to10600 MW  and 216.9 MU/day same period the previous year which is less by 19.5% and 23.3% respectively. Similarly, in the month of September also the Peak demand and Energy is less by 10% and 17% respectively. This is mainly on account of persistent Rainfall in the state, which led to the minimum power requirement from the farming sector. The requirement of the farming sector generally during Kharif Season will be about 45% of total State Demand. Also, due to persistent Rainfall, the requirement of power from other sectors of the consumer also came down.

In Telangana State Generally the Peak Khariff Demand is during the months of Aug, Sept & Oct. Not only in the State, but the entire Southern Region will also be normally under critical Power situation during September and October. But this year due to persistent and rigorous Monsoon the Power scenario in the State and Region is changed to Surplus when compared with the previous year.

The Peak demand in Telangana during the Kharif Season is less when compared to the previous year as shown below:




2018 -2019

2019 - 2020

















  • NOTE: 2019-20 Values are up to 22nd October 2019.

This year due to continuous Rainfall in Karnataka and Maharashtra States the inflows to Krishna Basin are at historical high to the tune of 1345 TMC as of now. In Telangana state, the major Hydel Power stations are on Krishna Basin. To utilize maximum Hydel Generation all Hydel power stations are continuously kept in service. This year about 2716 MU of power is generated from Hydel Generating stations as of now with a Peak Generation of 2211 MW on dt24.09.2019. The generation during the previous year is 1364 MU during the same period.

To maintain economic Load Generation Balance and Grid security all possible steps were taken to utilize maximum Hydel Generation by reducing conventional generation at Central, State, and IPPs. In addition to running the Thermal units at a technical minimum, some of the units are kept under reserve shut down,   power is not being scheduled from short term contracts, sale of power in the exchange and even backing down of renewables during some days.

The lower than usual Khariff demand, high Hydel generation and non-materialization of Lift Irrigation Loads during this year are unexpectedly resulting in backing down of thermal stations and payment of the fixed cost to generators. With these wide variations in demand and availability, Transco is maintaining optimum Load Generation Balance by ensuring Grid security.


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