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Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan To Hold Big Rally in Vizag

Mon, Oct 21, 2019, 09:47 AM
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  • Long march in Vizag on Nov 3 or 4 on the plight of building workers

  • Sub-committee formed for the Long March under the leadership of Thota Chandrasekhar

  • Just govt changed, same sand mafia rules

  • We will extend support outsourcing employees

  • How the process of removal of qualified employees moving?

  • Asks Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan   

Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan has said that a protest rally and long march will be organized under the leadership of Janasena Party in Visakhapatnam on November 3 or 4 in support of Construction workers who were thrown onto the streets owing to lack of sand availability after the YCP taking up the reigns of the government. He made it clear that he himself would lead the movement. He requested the Janasainiks and the fans to extend their support in a massive way.

A meeting of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) was held at the Janasena Party office at Prasasan Nagar in Hyderabad on Sunday. The meeting was attended by PAC chairman Nadendla Manohar and other members. The meeting had a prolonged discussion on the sand and liquor policies and also polices of the YCP government.

Speaking on the occasion, Pawan Kalyan said “we have set up a sub-committee under the leadership of party general secretary and PAC member Thota Chandrasekhar for the movement to be initiated in the form of the long march. Everyone who had extended their support for Kavathu (march) are requested to continue their solidarity to the building workers. Janasena Party will stay as protection to the construction workers. It is an effort to clear the tears of building works and their plight will be brought to the notice of the people. We will question the government and fight until the workers given justice.”

“We have discussed thoroughly at the Political Affairs committee meeting about the functioning of Andhra Pradesh government. There are many catastrophic conditions on issues such as sand policy and its supply since the new government taken up its reigns. About 35 lakh workers are thrown onto the streets directly and indirectly along with the building workers. When I visited Bhimavaram after the elections, the building workers at Siddhantham had asked me to speak on the sand reaches. We have now focussed on the problem though we are talking about it for some time.

We visited the sand reaches and the dumping yards and the difference in prices has been brought to the notice of the people.   The main reason for the Telugu Desam party’s poll debacle is encouraging the sand mafia. People thought that the situation will change if the YCP came to power. There is no much change except as TDP has gone and YCP arrives in,” Pawan Kalyan said.  

  • 48,000 sacked here, 2 lakh there

Pawan Kalyan said “another major issue came up for discussion at the PAC meeting is the removal of contract and outsourcing employees. Like the Telangana government which has removed 48,000 RTC employees at one stroke, it really made me suffer the removal of more than 2 lakh contract workers in Andhra Pradesh. We have been receiving memoranda from the contract and outsourcing employees. If you can make suggestions to ensure justice to you, we will move forward and fight for your cause.”

  • Gone backward move on employees’ issue

“The employee sections argue that removal of employees who are working in the outsourcing and contract system though they have all qualifications is a matter of concern. The attitude of the YCP government is surpassing the undemocratic decision of the Telangana government. When the Telangana government removed 48,000 RTC workers at one stroke, the YCP government issued directives sacking five times the number of employees. The government claims that it has provided massive employment opportunities by filling the posts as village volunteers and workers in liquor shops how will it remove the workers employed in the outsourcing and contract system when they have all qualifications?  They have created much confusion in the appointment of village secretariat employees.  The YCP has moved backward now by promising support to the outsourcing and contract employees during the elections,” Pawan Kalyan said.


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