Hero MotoCorp announces the fourth edition of Hero colabs

15-06-2021 Tue 16:10

  • Launces the 'eXPERIENCE' challenge under the creativity and collaboration oriented platform
New Delhi, June 15, 2021: Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, has launched a new challenge under its Hero CoLabs platform.

The eXPerience Challenge focuses on building a new retail experience for Hero MotoCorp customers, and provides the ideal platform for architects, interior designers and enthusiasts to translate their vision into reality and showcase their technical skills, creativity, and designing ability.

Aligned with Hero MotoCorp’s vision to ‘Be the Future of Mobility', the eXPerience Challenge aims to curate a new retail approach in the company’s business operations in India and globally. As part of the challenge, participants will be required to showcase their vision for a NextGen sales and after-sales customer experience, catering to the new innovative and exciting products and mobility solutions from Hero MotoCorp. This new retail experience will co-exist with the current sales network of the company.

The challenge is divided into two stages. In Stage1, participants will be required to submit a 4-minute video and a presentation of 3D Renders of the interiors & exteriors of the new-age retail outlet along with the customer journey and also a suggest naming nomenclature.  In Stage2, the shortlisted candidates will present their solution to the Senior Management of Hero MotoCorp. Candidates can participate in the challenge individually or in a team of 2-3 and should focus on practicality and ease of implementation.

Interested individuals/ groups can visit the official website of Hero CoLabs (https://www.herocolabs.com/) to register. The last date of registration is June 27, 2021. Considering the overwhelming response received in the previous editions of Hero CoLabs, this challenge has been launched in Colombia too.

Malo Le Masson, Head of Strategy, Hero MotoCorp, said, “In a short span on one year, Hero CoLabs has quickly evolved into a go-to crowdsourcing platform and has witnessed participation from a diverse demographic. It is exciting to see such a large number of like-minded enthusiasts on a single platform, collaborating and creating, brought together by their passion for brand Hero. The eXPerience Challenge further expands the horizon of Hero CoLabs, engaging a new participant group and allowing the talented minds to showcase their skills and creativity. We look forward to some great entries!”

The grand prize for the challenge is the globally admired Hero XPulse 200. The first runners-up will receive the stylish Hero Glamour and the second runners-up will get the proven Hero Passion Pro. Additionally, all winners will get vouchers worth Rs. 10,000. Separate winners will be announced for India and Colombia.

The winners and runners-up will be judged on a variety of criterion, over multiple rounds by a cross-functional team at Hero MotoCorp. The winners will be announced through Hero MotoCorp’s social media platforms.

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Advertisement 36
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Basavaraju Bommai appointed as new CM of Karnataka
కర్ణాటక నూతన ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా బసవరాజ బొమ్మై
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తెలంగాణలో మరో 645 మందికి కరోనా పాజిటివ్
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