KL University Launches online UG and PG degrees

29-04-2021 Thu 20:01

  • KL Deemed to be University launches www.kluonline.edu.in for its Online Degrees
  • Online Undergraduate & Postgraduate degree programmes to further the agenda laid out in National Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020)
  • The highly engaging and professional skill centric, BBA, BCA, BCom, MA and MSc  programmes will be available on www.kluonline.edu.in for the students
Guntur/Hyderabad/New Delhi, April 29, 2021: KL Deemed to be University, one of the premier Category 1 universities by UGC in Andhra Pradesh, has announced the launch of its Online learning portal http://www.kluonline.edu.in  will offer the finest quality undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) degrees in multiple domains including BBA, BCA, BCom, MA , MSc, with innovative and emerging specializations as the first few degree programmes that move online. The University made this special announcement as an initiative to drive greater accessto high-quality education as per the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020).

These high-quality online degrees shall enable learners to access the best programmes of KL Deemed to be University online through a best-in-class learning module. The learners will also have the opportunity to appear for the remotely proctored exams from anywhere through http://www.kluonline.edu.in. The learning shall be a mix of live learning supplemented with the finest quality course content, study guides, practice tests, discussion forums, recorded tutorials, and gamified modules. The University will facilitate placement assistance for these courses. Students will also get industry exposure as many of the classes will be conducted by industry professionals.

Speaking on the occasion, Er. Koneru Satyanarayana, President of KL Deemed to be University said, “The objective behind launching online degree programs via http://www.kluonline.edu.in/is to ensure enhanced access to high-quality higher education as envisaged in NEP2020. We’re extremely excited about this new age e-learning platform and are confident that these online degrees will offer aspirants engaging learning with personalized support to ensure fulfilment of their dreams. With the pandemic becoming a deterrent in providing physical education, with these online degrees we are aiming to ensure that the students don’t lose any academic year and also get the same quality of education via online mode through seamless platforms, including placement support.”

The learning resources of the online programmes of KL Deemed to be University for every subject are extremely engaging and interactive. These will enable learners to grasp the fundamentals while also learning from real-life case studies from theindustry.With just a 27.4% Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER)in higher education across the country, http://www.kluonline.edu.in/ is a step in the direction to meet the needs of a new India to transform higher education and help India attain its growth potential.

KL University has a strong focus on R&D which has resulted in 40 research centres, 350 patents published and 12,000 research papers, along with inter-disciplinary researches.

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