Governor Tamilisai to give virtual appointments

24-02-2021 Wed 18:03

Hyderabad, Feb 24: Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan will meet virtually those people who seek appointment.

As she is in Puducherry, where she recently assumed an additional charge as the Lt. Governor, she has decided to meet the people through virtual appointment mode.

The virtual appointments will be fixed by the Raj Bhavan officials, here, duly following the procedures in place.  

Those who get the appointments will be asked to come to Raj Bhavan Durbar Hall to interact with the Governor through the video conferencing facility established there.

Reviewing the State affairs with the Raj Bhavan officials through the video conference mode from Puducherry on Wednesday, the Governor stated that the e-office launched in the Raj Bhavan has been proving very useful in accessing and clearing the files on a daily basis.

“There are no files pending in my in-box right now. Though I am in Puducherry, I am always concerned about the Telangana. On a priority basis, I am clearing all the files within no time through the e-office mode,” she added.

Promote blood donation:

The Governor urged the people and other volunteers to come forward for blood donation to save precious lives.

Dr.Tamilisai Soundararajan reviewed the functioning of Red Cross blood banks and the status of blood requirement and supplies with the IRCS state general secretary Madan Mohan Rao.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan directed the IRCS to increase the participation of the Youth Red Cross members and Junior Red Cross members in the Red Cross activities and urged right training for them.

“The youth and junior Red Cross volunteers will be of great use in offering their services during the calamities and they must be trained thoroughly and we need to reach out to all those who have got registered earlier,” she added.

Intensify alumni connectivity:

The Governor directed the NIC officials to intensify the efforts to connect the possibly maximum number of alumni through the Chancellor Connects Alumni initiative facilitated in the Raj Bhavan website.

“The Chancellor Connects Alumni initiative is aimed at benefitting the present students in the universities through the services and contributions of the alumni,” she added.

The Governor stated that the alumni were very eager to join the network and it was for the NIC and other agencies to gear up and address all the technical glitches so as to facilitate the seamless connectivity of all alumni.

Financial help to Raj Bhavan employee:

Moved by the plight of a paralysis-affected woman employee of the Raj Bhavan, the Governor directed the officials to sanction the financial help to the staffer from her discretionary grants.

The Governor is constantly monitoring and keeping a track on the developments in the Telangana State and has been getting regular updates.

Secretary to Governor K. Surendra Mohan joined the Governor in the video conference from Puducherry Raj Nivas, while the joint secretaries and other senior officials joined the conference from Raj Bhavan, here.

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