CEAT signs Rana Daggubati as brand ambassador

13-02-2021 Sat 16:49

  • The actor will be seen promoting CEAT’s ‘Puncture Safe’ range of bike tyres as part of an integrated campaign
13th Feb, 2021:  CEAT Tyres, India’s leading tyre manufacturer, has signed Bollywood star Rana Daggubati as its brand ambassador for promoting the ‘Puncture Safe’ range of bike tyres across media platforms. As part of an integrated marketing campaign across all five southern states of India, Rana Daggubati will feature in the new commercial for ‘Puncture Safe’ tyres to be aired across TV and digital platforms. The new commercial will also be aired during the currently ongoing India-England Test series.    

The campaign based on the theme ‘CEAT Puncture Safe Sealant technology’ highlights the safety and convenience even while riding on a difficult terrain.  Created by O&M, the campaign, is based on an interesting storyline set in the ashram of ‘keel wale baba’ portrayed by Rana Daggubati, living on a bed of nails. On being invited to visit a village by some followers, baba is seen riding out from his ashram on a nail clad floor without being overly worried about punctures which is the highlight of the puncture safe tyres. The idea is to propagate the innovative initiative from CEAT that brings in convenience of worry-free rides even in difficult riding terrains.

Mr. Arnab Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer, CEAT Tyres, said, “We at CEAT have always believed in our vision of ‘Making Mobility Safer and Smarter Every day’. The launch of our new campaign articulates the same for motorcycles. The central idea is to highlight the importance of using durable tyres to prevent disruptions on any terrain. We are delighted to have Rana Daggubati on board for this campaign as he perfectly embodies the strength and durability of CEAT’s ‘Puncture Safe’ technology. The India-England test series offers an ideal opportunity for us to connect with our customers as it is one of the most widely watched event in India with a massive viewership.”

Indian actor, Mr. Rana Daggubati said, “I am proud to be associated with one of the most respected brands in India. Playing a character of ‘Keel wale baba’ was a unique experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. I am looking forward to an exciting journey with CEAT Tyres”

Mr. Rohit Dubey, Group Creative Director, O&M said, “As privileged creative partners of Brand CEAT, we believe that the only predictable thing about a CEAT tyre commercial should be that it should not follow hackneyed codes of tyre advertising. ‘Keel wale baba’, is another essential brick in bolstering CEAT’s brand voice. On this project, we dug into our Indian cultural references of nails, godmen, and connected the dots leading to innovative puncture safe technology. And as always, it was an absolute joy creating it with the ever positive and courageous CEAT marketing team.”

CEAT has launched the unique “Puncture Safe Tyres” for motorcycles in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. These tyres don’t lose air by sealing themselves on their own even after getting punctured. The technology can seal punctures for nails up to 2.5 mm in diameter. This property is provided by a patented Sealant developed inhouse by CEAT which seals the punctures and lasts the entire life of the tyre.

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