Fintech startup Finology launches ‘Select’

25-01-2021 Mon 17:08

  • How to learn about trading from scratch: Begin with selecting your broker
Rajesh Sharma, a Mumbai-based investor, was upset with his trading platform. Over the past couple of months, he had missed several investment opportunities just because the server of his trading platform had crashed. It was the tipping point for Rajesh to move onto a new platform. But how to choose one?
Today, amongst so many brokers that are operating in India, it is tough to find the one that matches the exact needs of an investor. It is more so as every investor or trader has their unique requirements. Rajesh, for instance, was not a day trader. However, he invested much like them. He used to spot a market opportunity, take his position for a few days, and book his profits later. Some investors also prefer investing for several months or years, while there are also traders who do intraday trading on a daily basis. The brokerage firms, on the other hand, suit some pricing- and functionality-related needs of an investor, while leaving some uncatered. As an example, a first-time investor might prefer robo-advisory. A seasoned trader might ask for detailed research reports. Now, this is the tricky part, more so because of the biased reviews and ratings online. How to choose the right broker based on your unique needs then?
It was a boon in disguise when Rajesh found a new platform called 'Select' by Finology – India’s biggest financial education and one-stop investment platform. The new broker selection platform extended an in-depth and unbiased overview of leading brokerage firms in India to Rajesh. How?
Select platform shortlists top brokers according to the unique taste of a person. It does so through a tap-and-answer questionnaire, unbiased reviews and ratings, and personalized wishlists. The platform further empowers investors with its tech-driven methodology, holistic reviews, summarized verdicts, and the ability to compare two or more brokers at a time. On top of it, as an introductory offer, it also extends a free gift hamper worth Rs. 1,000 that includes Stock Market Course, TickerPlus subscription, Amazon bestseller ‘Investonomy’, and more for opening a trading account with any of the brokers.
At Select, Rajesh saw the review and verdict of its broker, which listed the same set of problems that Rajesh was facing. He compared a few brokers and finally settled with a full-service brokerage firm having zero charges for delivery trades - or what Rajesh typically did. He hasn't missed a single market opportunity since registering with the new brokerage firm.

A brainchild of the investment guru Pranjal Kamra, who leads a community of more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Finology is India’s biggest financial education platform and one-stop investment destination. The platform extends online courses, robo advisory, legal services, and a proprietary stock research interface called ‘Ticker’ – a free-to-use tool that gives a detailed overview of relevant stock data with an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. Select is the latest addition to the platform’s product portfolio.

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