Yamaha Launches Bluetooth Connectivity “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X” Application

16-10-2020 Fri 16:02

  • The Bluetooth Connectivity will be initially available with FZS-FI Dark knight BSVI variant & can be installed as an add-on accessory in the entire series of FZ-FI & FZS-FI (150cc) BS VI motorcycles
  • Host of safety and practical features enabled through this application
  • India Yamaha will introduce this feature to the entire lineup of Yamaha two wheelers in future
Chennai, October 16, 2020: Yamaha’s commitment of introducing continuous excitement in Indian two-wheeler market goes next level with the introduction of “Bluetooth enabled technology” that aims to bring potential benefits through a host of safety and practical features to the customers. The new “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X”, Application enabled with Bluetooth technology will serve a seamless experience of riding and upkeep to the customers in unique ways. Initially this feature will be made available with FZS-FI Dark knight BS VI variant. However, entire series of FZ-FI & FZS-FI (150cc) BS VI motorcycles can upgrade to this technology by buying the device as an extra accessory at Authorized Yamaha Dealerships & connect to Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X.

With the introduction of the Bluetooth connectivity feature the Ex-showroom Price of FZS-FI Dark knight has been revised to RS.1,07,700 Ex-showroom Delhi.  FZS-FI Dark knight with the new feature will be available for sale at all the Yamaha Authorized dealerships from 01/11/2020 onwards.

The new technology is an addition to the brand’s continued effort to provide exciting experiences to its customers under its strategic campaign “The Call of the Blue”. The name Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X comes from the background of 2 elements - Connectivity & Innovative technology. The letter ‘X’ denotes the Connected Technology that allows a user to understand and know their bike’s performance.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Motofumi Shitara, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India Group of companies said, “We are committed to enhance buying experience and personalized customer services (One to one Service) to the two-wheeler customers in India. We want to enhance the ride experience of our customers with the connected technologies. The Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X Application is set to be the most practical, convenient and reliable Bluetooth connectivity technology available for FZ customers in India & in future we will expand to all the lineup of our two wheelers. Each of the functionalities are methodically crafted to help the bikers with a seamless experience of convenience & safety.”

The Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X Application can be downloaded from Play Store or iOS App Store for free. Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X can be enabled in just two simple steps of registration.

Features & Functionalities
There are 6 main features in the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X Application. The application is designed in a way that it enables the rider to connect to the bike by a ‘Single touch’ on the mobile. From the mobile device the rider can access features like Answer Back, E-Lock, Locate My Bike and Hazard.
  • Answer Back – Upon engaging this feature, the bike indicators start blinking and the horn starts beeping.
  • E-Lock – You can lock your bike and prevent theft, using the E-lock feature
  • Locate my Bike – Upon clicking this feature, the bike indicators will illuminate for 10 seconds continuously.
  • Hazard – This feature allows to alert and throw caution, when the bike is in distress. All 4 indicators will start blinking continuously.
Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X also changes entire riding experience and indicates individual Trip details in the application like Distance, Average Speed, Brake Count and Battery Voltage. The application also stores the last parked location of the bike and helps navigate the rider from their current location to the bike using GPS.
  • Riding History – You can view individual trip details of every ride.
  • Parking Record – Shows a route map from your current location to where you have parked your bike.

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