Coolpad rolls out Cool 6: aims to augment affordable mobile gaming in India

15-10-2020 Thu 18:01

  • Starting at INR 10,999, the latest handset features some of the best-advanced smartphone features, making it perfect for high-end mobile gaming
  • Coolpad plans to launch another model by December end and plan to enter the accessories market by March next year
  • Coolpad is expecting to post 2x growth in handset sales during this festive season as compared to a year-ago period
15th October 2020: After a continuous streak of successful launches, Coolpad, a leading Indian smartphone brand established by Coolpad Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., has returned to Indian consumers with another cutting-edge smartphone, especially designed for seamless gaming. The promising smartphone brand has launched Cool 6, the successor of Cool 5, which was launched last year. Starting at an exciting price of INR 10,999, the device will be available on Amazon from October 14th from 12 Noon.
The device sports a sleek premium design and is genuinely lightweight (370 gram). That is, it won’t make your pocket heavy at all unless you are not overstuffing it with other items. When it comes to clicks and pics, the smartphone offers a 21-megapixel (MP) camera AI rising selfie camera, and 48MP + 2MP + 2MP triple rear camera, making it a super powerful device to capture high definition pictures and record truly immersive videos.
The Coolpad Cool 6 packs a 6.53 inch FHD for a true full-screen display, ensuring an unparalleled multimedia viewing experience. The handset is powered by MediaTekHelio P70Octa-Core Processor, paired with a 4000 mAh power-saving battery, offering an optimized and lag-free gaming performance for a much-extended duration. For enhanced security, the brand has also added a face & fingerprint unlock security feature to its latest device.
The device will be available in two variants: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM at INR 10,999 and 6GB RAM +128GB ROM at INR 12,999, and comes in Blue and Silver.

Mr Fisher Yuan, CEO, Coolpad India, said, “As the festive season is just around the corner, we are super excited to launch our latest smartphone, Coolpad Cool 6. We witnessed a brief slowdown in the manufacturing unit due to COVID but regained business in June with a stock of Cool 5 brought back in online & offline markets in India.  In September we also introduced a new red colour variant of Cool 5. Now, with the launch of Cool 6, we have brought in a better suited smartphone for the Indian consumers, with an improved camera and gaming features. Our focus is on delivering affordable smartphones to tech-savvy Indian consumers who wish to experience the best without burning a hole in their pockets. We are expecting to post 2x growth in handset sales during this festive season as compared to the 1.5 lakh units sold in year ago period. We further plan to launch another model by December end and plan to enter the accessories market by March next year,”

Harsh Sharma Online Marketing Manager, Coolpad India said, “Post a successful launch of Cool 5, we are happy to add another new model to our existing portfolio. Equipped with such smart and premium features, we are confident that Cool 6 will stand out as one of our biggest hits in the market till date, meeting the smartphone aspirations of Indian consumers exactly as per their needs and affordability.”

Coolpad has been making a successful run in the Indian smartphone market with the help of its innovative and value-driven offerings. With technology at the heart of all its products, the brand has already filed over 800 patents in the name of 5G. It has also been granted 120 device-to-device 5G patents which make the brand an industry-leader in continuous innovation. With this launch, Coolpad has further cemented its position as India’s leading smartphone brand in the most affordable segment.

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