This Big Billion Days, Flipkart Launches Global-First Range of Motorola Smart Home Appliances

09-10-2020 Fri 16:41

  • This Big Billion Days, Flipkart Launches Global-First Range of Motorola Smart Home Appliances; Expands Motorola Smart TV Range with Android 10.0 Variant
  • Launches a revolutionary suite of products including Truly Smart ACs, Smart Refrigerators and Smart Washing Machines and an all-new range of Smart TVs powered by Android 10.0
  • Available on Flipkart from October 15, 2020, as part of ‘The Big Billion Days Specials’ collection
Bengaluru - October 9, 2020: Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, today announced the launch of ‘Truly Smart, Truly Revolutionary’ line of Motorola Smart Home Appliances, for Indian consumers. Available from October 15, during Flipkart’s The Big Billion Days sale-event, the product range comprises Smart Refrigerators (starting at Rs. 51,990), Smart Air-Conditioners (starting at Rs. 32,999), and Smart Washing Machines (starting at Rs. 23,499) that come with TruWifi technology, allowing consumers to access the appliance from their smartphone - anytime and anywhere. The new suite of products will also include the first Android 10.0 Smart TV in India – Motorola Revou Series and Motorola ZX2 Series, at a starting price of Rs. 13,999 -- making the collection a part of this year’s ‘The Big Billion Days Specials’, a unique line of special products curated in partnership with leading brands across various categories.

Flipkart, through its deep understanding of consumers’ needs and shopping behavior, is bringing to market the first line of Motorola Smart Home Appliances, integrated with the brand’s premium and innovative proposition to introduce power-packed products for its consumers.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Prashanth Mani, Country Head, and Managing Director, Motorola Mobility, said, “We are delighted to expand our strategic brand partnership with Flipkart this festive season with the launch of a global-first range of smart home appliances and our new range of smart televisions. The range of smart home appliances is smart and revolutionary in the truest sense by being connected, extremely intuitive to use, and optimized for a smarter lifestyle that our consumers desire with various industry-first innovations. Not just that, all these devices are finely crafted with a bespoke design which gives them an uber-premium look that fits in perfectly with the lifestyle of our consumers.”

Dev Iyer, Vice President, Private Brands, Flipkart, said, “With the Big Billion Days approaching, each year we strive hard to ensure that our consumers have access to industry-best offerings across various product portfolios. We are pleased to be able to bring the first range of Motorola smart home appliances to the Indian market, in time with the festive season. Consumers can now look forward to upgrading their homes. Each of these products are in line with the evolving requirements of Indian consumers and are built to provide them with convenience; elevating their lifestyle to smarter living.”

The Motorola Smart Refrigerator range hence comprises new-age features such as customized convertible storage space on demand (fridge mode, drinks mode, soft freezer or freezer) that goes beyond the conventional Freezer to fridge convertible formats. The Adaptive Inverter Technology, coupled with TruSmart Sensors intuitively collects data from the internal load, door usage and ambient temperature sensors to optimize cooling. The Motorola Smart Washing Machine range has integrated revolutionary technology with Flexi-wash options to choose your personalized washing preferences, TruSmart sensors with state-of-the-art foam-level, temperature and speed sensing capabilities to deliver a superior wash experience. Smart appliances are known for their convenience and the Motorola Smart AC comes with intuitive app control and boasts of SurroundCoolX technology providing consumers ultra-fast & all-round cooling through a Dual inverter compressor, 5-speed fan, and 4-way swing.

In addition, this festive season, consumers will also get access to India's first range of Android 10.0 Smart TVs – Motorola Revou series and Motorola ZX2 series, which comes with the combination of Dolby Vision® & Dolby Atmos® experience in a single form factor. Consumers can unlock a truly remarkable entertainment experience with the ultra-vivid picture of Dolby Vision and immersive sound of Dolby Atmos. The range, true to its proposition of 'Revolutionary, Not Ordinary' boasts of superior specs such as Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Linen Finish Integrated Soundbar in 4K range, G52 Graphic Engine, Dual Band WiFi and much more. The Motorola Smart TVs will be available in screen sizes of 32” HD, 40” Full HD, and 43” & 55” 4K resolution. This will also be a Global first for the HD and Full HD TV segments to be enabled with a powerful combination of technologies like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos – giving consumers a never-seen-before entertainment experience.

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