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Tough times need tough disinfectants - GermiGo

Mon, Jun 01, 2020, 05:52 PM
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  • Tough times need tough disinfectants - GermiGo   - India’s only certified TB Bacteria and HINI Virus disinfectant formulation now hit the retail market.
  • Effective against various kinds of CORONA viruses’

  • Effective against Family of Corona Viruses
  • India’s only certified Tuberculosis Bacteria and H1N1 Virus resistant formulation
  • FDA approved & WHO compliant Controls and safe guards from almost all known pathogens & germs
  • 20 times more effective than plain hydrogen peroxide. Kills 99.99% germs, viruses and bacteria as the formulations are enriched with Silver stabilized Hydrogen peroxide & Alcohol
  • Silver mutates the viruses’ DNA & prevents multiplication of microbial cells. It also offers residual protection. Hydrogen Peroxide oxidizes/burns off the microbial cell wall opening the entry of Silver
  • Alcohol disrupts microbial cell enzymes & disturbs their metabolism
  • Potent & long-lasting
  • Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly products
  • Available as hand sanitizers, surface cleaners and as air disinfectants in pressurized cans
  • Suitable across all units such as home, retail, hospitals, restaurants, travel ,commercial space, manufacturing units, laboratories,  offices, rest rooms amongst others
  • Government bodies such as MCGM, MSRTC, Disaster Management of Maharashtra, APMC and Health Ministry for disinfection and other crucial public places use GermiGo as  their preferred preventive measure against the outbreak of corona virus
Mumbai 01st June 2020- Tranquiil Specialty Products,  India’s first and only certified  disinfectant formulation that are H1N1 Virus and Tuberculosis Bacteria resistant now hits the retail market.

Amid the pandemic scare and many not so effective disinfectants that have been flooding the market, Tranquiil brings to you preventive solutions that are not just environmental friendly but are FDA approved and compliant to WHO guidelines.

Tranquiil brings to you eco-friendly range under the brand GermiGo:  

1.  GermiGo Surface Disinfectants – a special formulation that is equally suitable as a Surface and Air Disinfectant and offers residual protection Suitable for Mopping, Fogging, Fumigation and Spraying.
2.  GermiGo Foos Foos - A Multipurpose Premium 4 in 1 Aerial Disinfectant spray for disinfection of porous and non-porous surfaces
3.  GermiGo X – a gel-based hand sanitizer with WHO recommended alcohol percentage of 71% and Hydrogen Peroxide stabilized with Silver giving Double Protection.

Speaking on the launch, Rushang Shah – Founder/ CEO Tranquiil Products Pvt Ltd , said , “We are living in uncertain times and it is imperative we take sufficient precaution to safeguard us, our environment, our families and our employees with the right solutions. It is a time which warrants us to stay in hygienic conditions. While at it, it is also equally important to have such disinfectants that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.  We are happy to bring such solutions that are not only environment, human and pet friendly, but are also the first Indian disinfectants that can fight almost all pathogens that could be fatal or cause infections”.

“It is our earnest endeavor that we create a range of safe sanitization and disinfection products that can be used across all kinds of surfaces. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidelines to regularly and frequently use effective sanitizers and disinfectants to stay safe and healthy. We on our end have ensured that our products comply with international standards. Unless we safeguard ourselves, cases of infection and incidences will only increase multifold” he added.

The GermiGo products are FDA approved and have been tested as per international standards by reputed institutions like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and Haffkine Institute, Mumbai, etc. for efficacy against TB bacteria, H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu), and other pathogens or germs transmitted through surface and air contamination.
The products are currently being extensively used, as a preventive measure against the outbreak of corona virus by Government bodies like MCGM, MSRTC, Disaster Management of Maharashtra, APMC and Health Ministry for disinfection of various crucial public places.

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