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Cue the Athlete inside you with these tips by Milind Soman!

Fri, May 29, 2020, 03:34 PM
Related Image In the current threat of a pandemic, we have discovered a lot of interesting trends and adaptations of staying fit from home. This period might seem a tad bit more challenging for those who had just begun training or are regular sportspeople. Fear not, because here are some tips from star athlete and Ironman Milind Soman, and how you can get back to training to make sure you are ready when you begin playing next!

The celebrated athlete, supermodel, actor, and entrepreneur has been inspiring lives across the world and has worn multiple hats with aplomb. Here’s what he has to say

Keep a close eye on your diet

 One of the first things to keep in mind is to eat healthily. I prefer simple home-cooked meals, seasonal vegetables, fresh fruits, and nuts like Almonds. Begin the day by eating right – which I do by ensuring to include a handful of almonds as a part of my breakfast. Since I was a child, almonds for me, have been a staple breakfast item. Not only are they tasty and filling, but almonds also contain a host of essential nutrients like, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, etc., that are good for overall health. Added to that, almonds also provide energy which helps me kick-start my day.
Workout consumption. My suggestion is – roast a kg of almonds, and keep them handy to munch on whenever you have the urge to snack!

Try new movements, but with caution

There are so many athletes, trainers, and celebrities putting their workouts online. This can be inspiring and it also gives us the opportunity to try out different movements and training programs. It's important to understand that while we may not be able to do exactly what we want at home, and it is fun to experiment, maintaining a level of fitness by simple convenient programs that will allow us to get back on track as quickly as possible once the lockdown ends, is important.

Don’t underestimate the need to stay well-rested

Sleeping well and adequately is not just essential to maintain your physical and mental health but also extremely important to drive results from your exercise routine. Inadequate sleep can interfere with the body's ability to recover and inhibits it to build maximum muscle strength. For me, getting the right amount of sleep is my number one priority. It allows me to focus better and perform my day to day activities efficiently – both professional and personal. So ensure you sleep well every day to be able to live your life in the best way possible.

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