Good news for H-1B visa holders, as their spouses can now work in US.

A recent court ruling in favor of immigration-friendly policies has upheld an Obama-era rule that enables spouses of highly-skilled H-1B visa holders in the tech industry to work in the United States. This rule permits partners to obtain H-4 visas, which enables them to work while accompanying their spouses on H-1B visas. This is a great victory for immigrant workers and their families, as it eases the financial burden on them and promotes diversity in the workforce.

The Department of Homeland Security faced opposition from Save Jobs USA, who argued that foreign nationals, including H-4 visa holders, should not be allowed to work in the US. However, US District Judge Tanya Chutkan dismissed this claim, citing that it contradicted both the Immigration and Nationality Act and decades of executive-branch practice. Additionally, Judge Chutkan emphasized that the DHS had authorized employment not just for students, but also for their spouses and dependents. This decision has received explicit and implicit ratification from Congress, and is supported by major tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Issued to dependent spouses and children who accompany H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, and H-3 visa holders to the US, the H-4 visa is a crucial component of many families' lives

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