MLA Undavalli Sridevi Outperforms Actress Sridevi: Gudivada Amarnath

Andhra Pradesh Minister Gudivada Amarnath has launched a scathing attack on Thatikonda MLA Undavalli Sridevi, suggesting that she change her name to Chameleon Sridevi due to her untrustworthy nature.

In a sarcastic manner, the minister went on to claim that MLA Undavalli had even outshined the legendary actress Sri Devi with her acting skills. He alleged that Sridevi had put on a show to convince others that she had voted for YSRCP in the MLC elections. According to the minister, Sridevi had even taken her daughter to CM Jagan and snapped a picture of herself before casting her vote.

Responding to Undavalli Sri Devi's protest against alleged injustice in Amaravati, the Minister shrugged it off and suggested she take her "deeksha" (fast) in America instead, as the YSRCP leadership had denied her a ticket due to a lack of support from her constituency.

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