Biden's Slip of the Tongue Goes Viral: Praising China Instead of Canada

Part 2

In a speech to the Canadian parliament on Friday, the gaffe-prone US President Joe Biden mistakenly gave China a round of applause while praising Canadian migration policies.

"I applaud China for stepping up," the 80-year-old President said, before quickly realizing his mistake and correcting himself by saying, "Excuse me, I applaud Canada... You can tell what I'm thinking - about China. I won't get into that yet."

The Canadian parliamentarians couldn't help but chuckle at the blunder, as Biden continued with his speech.

But the day wasn't over yet for Mr. Biden, who made another slip-up at a press conference while discussing China's relationship with Russia. Caught mid-word at "Japa...", he stumbled and corrected himself.

One thing's for sure, President Biden's speeches keep us on the edge of our seats, wondering what he'll say next!

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