Russian Man's Anti-War Protest In Park Goes Viral: Invites Hugs from Strangers

A young entrepreneur from Izhevsk, Russia, has grabbed the world's attention with his unique protest against his country's invasion of Ukraine. Nikita Gorbunov, 20, stood in the Kirov Park in his city, holding a poster with a powerful message.

The poster read, "Hug [me] if you're against the war," with the Ukrainian flag painted beneath the letters. Gorbunov stood in the park for over an hour, inviting people to come and embrace him if they shared his opposition to the Kremlin's aggression in Ukraine.

The heartwarming gesture has touched the hearts of many, with a video of Gorbunov's protest going viral on social media. People who approached him expressed their gratitude and happiness, and the video has received widespread support from people around the world.

Gorbunov's simple yet powerful protest has become a symbol of hope and solidarity for those who oppose war.

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