Director Gopichand Malineni 'Open Heart With RK' Promo

Director Gopichand Malineni has expressed his confidence in the success of his recent film, Veerasimha Reddy, stating in an interview that he and his team believed it would be a blockbuster during the Sankranti release period. He also mentioned as per their predictions, both Veerasimha Reddy, starring Balakrishna, and Waltair Veerayya, starring Mega Star, performed well at the box office.

When asked about his admiration for lead actor Balakrishna, Malineni acknowledged that directing him was a significant achievement for him. He also denied that the film's dialogues were directed towards any specific individual.

The director also shared that this was the first time he received full payment for a film and shared personal anecdotes, such as being mistaken for Ravi Teja and receiving a watch from Mega Star on a special occasion. He also mentioned a failed romantic interest at Peddamma Gudi temple.

Malineni also touched on his decision to not complete intermediate school and his desire to become a well-known name in the directing industry.

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