Brave women constables foils bank robbery attempt in Bihar, CCTV footage

Bihar: Two brave women constables foiled a bank robbery attempt in Bihar, by fighting off a gang of robbers with their guns. The incident occurred at the Grameen Bank in Senduri Chowk on Wednesday, when three robbers attempted to rob the bank. As soon as the robbers entered the bank, one of them threatened a constable with a gun.

The two women constables, Shantikumari and Juhi Kumari, immediately jumped into action and fought off the robbers with their guns. Despite being attacked, the constables managed to fend off the robbers, who then fled the scene. Juhi Kumari sustained injuries during the incident. The senior police officer, Om Prakash, praised the constables for their bravery and quick thinking, noting that they were able to prevent the robbery without firing any shots.

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