Nizamabad: Groom reacts after bride commits suicide before marriage

A woman allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan just hours before the wedding. This horrifying occurrence occurred on Sunday in Navipet, Nizamabad. The sources claimed that the marriage of the woman identified as Ravali and the man identified as Santosh was scheduled to take place on Sunday.

The groom has voiced his surprise at the unfortunate incident and his demand for a thorough Police inquiry. In response to questions from TV9 media, Santosh insisted that he had not put any pressure on her or demanded any further money or property. He disclosed that he had called Ravali last night at around 10:30 to ask her to arrive at the wedding location early the next morning for a photo session.

In response to a query, the groom stated he has occasionally questioned Ravali about her willingness to work and take MCA courses. He responded to her statement that she can only consider it after marriage. He has denied the claims that he harassed her and asserted that they are spreading false information.

The tragic incident, according to another member of Santosh's family, may have been the outcome of some family issues. He has made it clear that neither Santosh nor any family members made any demands from the bride's family.

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