Nagababu shocking comments on CM Jagan defending his govt on Jangareddy Gudem liquor deaths

Mega Brother Naga Babu, a Jana Sena leader, expressed shock at seeing CM Jagan Mohan Reddy defend his administration in the Assembly over the reported liquor fatalities in Jangareddy Gudem.

In response to the recent killings in Jangareddy Gudem, Naga Babu stated that he personally met with the victims' families and enquired about the recent tragedies. Naga Babu stated that the current government should endeavour to apprehend the true perpetrators responsible for the production of spurious liquors and award ex-gratia to the victims' families. Naga Babu claims that the information supplied by authorities and leaders to CM Jagan about the terrible occurrence is incorrect. 'No one is blaming the State government for selling spurious liquors,' remarked a Jana Sena leader. 'People make mistakes, and now is the time to correct those faults by assisting the extremely poor,' Naga Babu said CM YS Jagan.

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