Gangavva will be in nominations every week: My Village Show fame Anil Geela

20-09-2020 Sun 08:43

My Village Show fame. YouTuber Anil Geela requested the Bigg Boss viewers and Gangavva followers to extend their support to Gangavva through voting. In a shared video, Anil said that he thought that Gangavva will be in eliminations every week as she can't do any tasks and other reasons. He said most of the people are not voting Gangavva after thinking she will get the votes. He added that most of the people are saying that Gangavva is getting influence by other Bigg Boss contestants and he requested everyone to vote her.

It is known that Gangavva was on the nominations list in the first and second week and luckily she was saved from the elimination. Gangavva is one of the strongest contestants in the house who receiving huge response from the viewers in abroad too.

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