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The world is running out of chocolate

Mon, Nov 17, 2014, 03:23 PM
Washington, Nov 17: The world could run of chocolate latest by at 2020, according to a newspaper report. One of the growing concerns for the world is that everyone enjoys chocolate. Since 2012, chocolate-lovers have been eating more chocolate than the production of cocoa in West Africa.

The biggest problem, according to the newspaper report, comes from a dwindling supply of cocoa. West Africa, which is the major producer of cocoa, has been suffering due to extreme dry weather and that means diminished crops.

So difficult is production of cocoa at present that farmers are growing other crops instead. This again means less cocoa is being produced.

Combined with several other factors consumers are paying higher prices for a bar of chocolate and it could also possibly mean that the taste of chocolate could change in the long term.

Agricultural researchers are developing a new variety of cocoa tree that yields more number of beans, but it;s expected taste could have a negative impact. Though more chocolate could be produced using this new tree, it may need more artificial taste ingredients to bring it as close to the original chocolate taste that people love today.
Agency: IANS

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