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Set up Commission with High Court Justice on creation of new Districts: BJP

Wed, Aug 31, 2016, 07:19 PM
Hyderabad, Aug.31: BJP state unit alleged that the division of historical Warangal City as two districts shows the historical ignorance of the TRS government.

In a note, the BJP state senior leader Prof. SV Sheshagiri Rao said that the Hanmakonda shined as the capital city of Kakathiya dynasty from 995AD to 1332AD. In the later years, the Hanmakonda city transformed as Orugallu and Warangal. Hanmakonda and Warangal were not different cities, and both were same, he said and pointed that it was not proper to the government to divide the Warangal city as two districts where the same government was not dividing the Hyderabad city stating that it has a great history.

“The Warangal City has history greater than Hyderabad City. It is not proper to the TRS government to adopt different rules to Kakathiya dynasty and Quthubshahi Asafjahi dynasty”, he said. Sheshagiri Rao said that across the world the 12 crore Telugu people have special respect to Kakathiya dynasty. Every poet praised the greatness of the Kakathiya dynasty. From Sundarambady to Rayaprolu Subbarao every poet praised the Kakathiya dynasty greatness in their poems, he said. The division of the Warangal city was nothing but dishonoring every Telugu person, he lamented.

Stating that there was no hurry to reorganize the districts, BJP senior leader said that the TRS government has to divide the district scientifically, transparently and with historical sense and bring them into existence from Ugadi and why from Dasara. “Not to create new districts with political motives. The government has to create a new district with the recommendations of the Commission set up by a High Court Justice. Not to create new districts believing in numerology or superstitions”, he said.

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