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My ‘ism’ is Humanity Not Community: Pawan Kalyan

Sat, Aug 27, 2016, 07:46 PM
Tirupati, Aug.27: Suggesting the fans to lessen their favoritism towards films, JanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan said that there was clear difference between cinema and real life. All things shown in cinemas will not happen in real life, he opined.

Addressing the public meeting at Tirupati on Saturday, Pawan Kalyan said that a cine hero can beat the rowdies, he can sing a song with heroines and he can face injustices within two hour time but it was not possible in real life. “No issue will be solved immediately similar to Ramdev Baba’s two minute noodles. I urge my fans to watch the films for entertainment but not to take it seriously”, he said. The fans of heroes could fight each other for the sake of their heroes but heroes in real life behave each other friendly manner. The fans have to take their lives seriously and not to take cinemas seriously. “Vinod’s death left me in sad. His mother’s cry disturbed me a lot”, he bemoaned. Vinod’s mother has come forward to donate Vinod’s eyes though her son was murdered. “I touch her feet. I entered into politics for the future of the sons like Vinod”, he stated emotionally. He said that he spoke on many things for the last two years. He said that he stood by the side of Amaravathi farmers and speaking on all issues.

Stating that he was interested to question the Centre on special status to Andhra Pradesh state, Pawan said that he selected the Tirupati as a venue because he participated in the first meeting along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in Tirupati only. “It is not easy to take back the word uttered out and hence I don’t want speak in hurry. I don’t want to criticize the government for which I supported when the state was divided”, he said. Reminding the criticism of some people that Pawan Kalyan launched Jana Sena only to praise Modi and to behave like a sycophant of Telugu Desam party and some were calling him not as a Gabber Singh but as a Rubber Singh, Pawan said that he was not escaping from here. “I will not go back on my word. I am not showing any partiality towards Modi or Chandrababu. I am a farmers’ favorite. I am a Girl child’s favorite. I am not succumbed to any party or a person”, he said.

Recalling CPI senior leader Dr K Narayana’s criticism against him, Pawan said that he might do that he will condemn Narayana’s criticism but he loves Leftist idealism. “My father had taught me leftist idealism. I like Cheaguera though he didn’t for our country”, he said. “The problem is with my support to BJP and TDP. I did small help to them. It was my first experience in politics. I entered into politics facing all risk. I have no interest in any thing”, he elaborated.

“Some branded me as castiest person when I questioned TDP on farmers’ lands. But I have no caste and religion. My daughter is Christian. My wife is a Russian and she practices Orthodox Church traditions and growing her daughter with same. I born as a Hindu”, he said. He said he has no problem with these two issues. “I have no caste, religion, regional differences. I believe in humanity. Why the papers, which never published news on caste basis when I supported TDP, raised caste issue when I questioned about farmers issue”, he asked. He said that he will not keep the people in confusion. “I do if possible with me if not I will ask apologies”, he said. He said he never met Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he became the Prime Minister of the nation. “I extended congratulations to Modi only when he took oath as Prime Minister. I never met him after it. That’s all”, he said.

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