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Even God can’t correct mistakes of KCR; CM’s outbursts atrocious: Jana Reddy

Fri, Aug 26, 2016, 06:49 PM
Hyderabad, Aug.26: Finding fault with Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s remarks that he was facing a lot troubles in correcting the mistakes of previous Congress governments, CLP leader K Jana Reddy today quipped even the ‘God’ cannot correct the mistakes of KCR leave alone Congress party.

Speaking to the media at Assembly media hall here on Friday, Jana Reddy said it was not proper and atrocious for the Chief Minister to warn that he would dump Congress leaders in jail. He said the Courts would decide who should be kept in the jail. “Anybody has to go to jail for committing mistakes including KCR”, he opined. Stating that he still stuck to his word that he would campaign in favor of the TRS party in 2019 elections if it does good deeds for welfare of the poor and downtrodden sections, Jana Reddy clarified that he was keeping the facts about the redesigning of irrigation projects by KCR before the people. “The Telugus in Telangana would not forgive me if I failed to keep the facts before the people about irrigation projects”, he added.

Jana Reddy said that he was condemning the speech of KCR targeting individuals instead of clearing the doubts raised by the Opposition parties on irrigation projects. The Chief Minister has to give answers to the people patiently and it was not correct to the Chief Minister to say that he would send the Opposition leaders in jail. “The Supreme Court censured Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha for making the same intolerant statements and for filing cases against the Opposition parties’ leaders. The same will be applicable to KCR”, he reminded saying that it was a democracy and the Opposition parties have a responsibility of questioning and pointing out wrong-doings of the ruling party. “Otherwise, the people would teach a fitting lesson to the ruling party”, he warned. The Chief Minister’s speech reflected his arrogance and not good for democracy. The language used by KCR was not up to his post of Chief Minister, Jana Reddy opined. The Chief Minister was injuring democracy with his foul language”, he added.

Reminding the Congress party role in achieving Telangana state, Jana Reddy said that it was not proper to TRS party to recall the previous governments’ activities forgetting the fact that the Telangana state was achieved for the development of it. Asking KCR and former Irrigation Minister Thummala Nageshwara Rao’s statements when they were in TDP, Jana Reddy said that it was not proper to KCR to recall the past history forgetting the development of the state.

Expressing concern over the agreement with Maharashtra state, Jana Reddy said that it may turn as a ‘Historical Mistake’ in future, Jana Reddy said that the Maharashtra government was examining the proposal of the then Congress party government that the Pranahitha-Chevella project at the height of 152 meters but KCR entered in to an agreement without any discussion on the height. He said that the Congress party asked the Chief Minister to take all party delegation to convince the Maharashtra and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in regard to the height of Pranahitha-Chevella project at Thummidihatti. “Due to new project at Kaleswaram, the government burdening the people with Rs.50,000-60,000crores additionally”, he said. “Instead of giving clarity on the issue, KCR saying that he will send opposition parties’ leaders to jail”, he said. “Whoever acts against the law will go to jail irrespective opposition parties leaders or ruling party leaders”, he said. He said that the people were observing the TRS government, which was enhancing the estimations of the projects indiscriminately. He warned that the people would teach a fitting lesson to the ruling TRS party at an appropriate time.

Expressing concern over the expenditure of Rs.8000 crore per year only for power to lift the water from proposed Kaleswaram project, Jana predicted danger to the Telangana people asking KCR as to how the government will bear all these expenditure including maintenances. He said that the government has the responsibility to tell the people that how many acres will be cultivated with one TMCFT of water. The government estimated 15,000 acre per one TMCFT hiding the fact that 15,000 acre will be irrigated with one TMCFT of water in drip irrigation and sprinklers system. “Who will bear the expenditure of the drip or sprinklers system”, he asked saying that drip irrigation was only possible with pipeline system and it was not there in the Kaleswaram project plan.

He said that the government has the responsibility of clearing the corruption allegations of opposition parties by calling transparent tenders and it has to prove itself that it did nothing wrong. He said that the government has to divide Mahabubnagar district as four districts keeping the demand of the people in view.

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