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'Digithon Digital Village' - NRI Model inauguration in Nalgonda District

Mon, Aug 15, 2016, 05:57 PM
Hyderabad, Aug.15: TITA President Sundeep Kumar Makthala has recently given a call to all the NRIs, during his recent USA tour, to adopt their native villages under 'Digithon Digital Village' initiative. This has gotten a tremendous response from many NRIs, and they have come forward to adopt their native villages too.

DigitalRedlakunta, DigitalIpparthy, DigitalGujja projects were inaugurated on Monday. Koteshwara Rao Chithaluri from Canada has adopted his native village Redlakunta, Kodad Mandal, Nalgonda District. As the first village under this "Each One Adopt Ten" model, Vinoy Mereddy, a Software Engineer from San Francisco, California has adopted ten beneficiaries from his native village "Ipperthy", Munugode Mandal, Nalgonda District. Ram Manchakanti from San Francisco, California sponsored 20 beneficiaries from his native village Gujja, Narayanapur Mandal, Nalgonda District.

"TITA team with its revolutionary Vision and Strength as always is spearheading the removal of ignorance and making it a level playing field for village citizens to become on par with city dwellers. TITA's dedicated Digithon team has started the digital literacy training inauguration of Digital Ipparthy, Digital Gujja and Digital Redlakunta on the auspicious Independence Day today, to break the digital ignorance chains of our rural citizens FOREVER.

This is another revolutionary victory for our Telangana Rural Citizens who have won over Razakars, Feudal oppressions, won us Our Telangana State and now winning over ignorance and gaining more of their Independence though Digital Literacy that TITA is empowering them with. Many NRIs have shown very keen interest in 'Digithon Digital Village' project to be started in their native villages and are requesting TITA to help them to empower their village citizens with digital literacy." said TITA Founder & President Sundeep Kumar Makthala.

Ipparthy NRI Vinoy Mereddy says that "Sundeep Makthala and his team commitment and dedication to make changes on the ground and in the lives of farmers in villages has completely convinced me that this will be a great revolution in Telangana. I thank TITA for this opportunity to help my village farmers become digitally literate and soon get in touch with me, so that we can together achieve more development in my village using the powerful digital power."

Redlakunta NRI Koteshwara Rao Chithaluri said, "It's my great pleasure to maintain my connection and relationship with my villagers. I got this opportunity this time through TITA and Telangana Canada Association to reach out to many people and excited to be part of making my villagers aware of IT and Digital India Initiative. My father has dedicatedly served the village and my family will continue to do the possible extent. I never forget my villager's support and relationship since my childhood for the development of Redlakunta. Thank you, everyone, who helped and helping to continue my support & relationship with my villagers."

DIGITHON inaugurated in each of this village will impart the basic digital skills to the beneficiaries to download important forms by successfully navigating the webpages, the ability to pay bills online, send emails and follow up on emails, Social media empowerment with Facebook, WhatsApp accounts, etc. Digithon inaugurations in each village by TITA teams along with the village Sarpanches participating in Independence Day flag-hoisting ceremonies was very inspiring to all village citizens.

Digithon Digital Redlakunta was inaugurated by TITA Global Vice President Mr. Ranapratap Bojjam, TITA BYTE editor Ramesh Podishetti, Village Sarpanch Venkata Ramana, Pitchaiah, Veerabhadrarao Ch and others. Digital Ipparthy & Digital Gujja inauguration was attended by Sarpanch Malleshwari Budida, Lingayya Yadav Budida, school teacher Ravindra, Digithon Joint Secretary Praveen Madipoju, TITA Executive members Shankar Dhoti, Madhu, Sonia, VLE Jyothi and many others who enthusiastically participated in this awesome initiative and event.

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