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Indian brains behind top tech. companies in the world: Chukka Ramaiah

Sat, Aug 13, 2016, 06:52 PM
Hyderabad, Aug.13: “Global perception of India is Programmer Factory. Make no mistake; Flipkart is not an innovation. It is an imitation of Amazon. Paytm is not an innovation; it is an imitation of Paypal. Most of the start-ups that are originating from India are mere imitations of the ideas which have been successful in other parts of the world. Is this due to lack of brilliance and entrepreneurship talent among Indian-born engineers and scientists? No.

If we look at the greatest of the technology companies around the world, exist due to some of the smartest brains born in India. For example, it may shock you, but the top 7 people who are recognized for their work and dedication in Google are Indians. 16% of Facebook key technologists are Indians. 12% of Twitter engineering team is Indians. Every second start-up that arises out of Silicon Valley has an Indian brain behind the conception and/or implementation of novel ideas. While brains behind these companies born in other countries are Indians, unfortunately, India, as a country, is viewed as a hub for reducing software programming costs and nothing more than that.

India is perhaps the biggest contributor to human talent worldwide. What was once termed as „brain drain? is now becoming ‘brain gain’ with talented individuals coming back to our country to launch path-breaking ideas, services, and solutions that are capable of taking our country to greater heights. A true conversion of “Brain Drain” to “Brain Gain” will not happen until and unless some of the smartest Indian minds initiate to create novel revenue generating and lifestyle-improving technologies from with-in India, while matching global standards of innovation.

Inspired by the cause, a team of engineers and professionals comprising Dr. Sirdhar Tirumala, along with Vikranth Katpally, Aravind Inumpudi, and Ms. Shivani Pulimamidi are all born in Hyderabad and educated in different IITs and worked in major IT firms in US and now returned back to India after proving their capabilities outside to join hands in order to highlight the concept of True Innovation. But this is easy. For start-ups to succeed, it is extremely important for the citizens of India to support these start-ups by being aware of the efforts required to create, sustain and grow such technologies with-in India.

In order to create awareness about True Innovation and also to garner support from public at large a rally by students is being held on the streets of Himayatnagar, where most of the IIT coaching occurs, symbolizes the potential that Indians carry with-in themselves to create novel life-changing technologies right from with-in India. An out-cry to the engineers of India to “Stop Imitating and Start Innovating”. Chukka Ramaiah, MLC has attended and addressed the rally as chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ramaiah has appreciated the efforts of Mr. Sridhar and team of students who took up the cause. Agreeing with cause, he wanted people and government should create an environment where in people with ideas and dreams can return and realize them. He also urged upon those returning to take the initiative in developing technologies that can help society at large. He called upon students, and aspiring engineers to thrive to became entrepreneurs rather than waiting to become an employee. He also urged them to be True Innovator rather than copy cats thus enabling them to develop newest technologies that can attract attention of the world.

The Rally was attended by a large number of students from RBVRR College and other enthusiasts.

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