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Nehru-Gandhis starve IIIT in Amethi of faculty

Fri, Aug 05, 2016, 12:35 PM
The new Human Resources Minister, Prakash Javdekar, on Friday showed why he is the worthy successor to the ministry, by pointing to starving of the triple IIIT in Amethi, the Nehru-Gandhis backyard in Uttar Pradesh, of faculty, funds and freedom.

The minister, who was clarifying on the state of affairs in the IIIT in Amethi, said that the institute was started in 2005, but there was only one faculty permanently posted. The other faculty would come, one at a time, from Allahabad to teach the students and go back.

As a result, the Amethi IIIT students had been agitating. The Minister said the Allahabad Triple IT had appointed a committee and it was decided to shift the students from Amethi to Allahabad lock, stock and barrel, as one faculty doesn't constitute an IIIT.

The Congress member, Pramod Tiwari, charged the BJP-led government with shifting the IIIT out of political consdierations and took the side of the staff at the Amethi IIIT.

The minister said the government had nothing to do with the shift. It was the decision of the Allahabad IIIT and they had to go by the committee decision.

As for the institute premises, it could be put to good use by transfering some other institution there.

When the Nehru-Gandhis could not ensure faculty for a IIIT in their backyard and nurture an institution, how could they dream of running temples of democracy in India as a whole?
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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