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Single Indian women want to write their own wedding vows: Survey

Thu, Jul 28, 2016, 04:27 PM
New Delhi, July 28: A majority of single Indian women say that they want to write their own wedding vows, a survey has revealed.

In the survey conducted by matrimonial website shaadi.com, single Indian men were asked if they would want to write their own wedding vows.

54.1 per cent said "yes" while 45.9 per cent said "no". When single Indian women were asked the same, 65.3 per cent said "yes" while 34.7 per cent said "no".

When married Indian women were asked if they would "rewrite their wedding vows" if given a chance, 30.5 per cent said "no", followed by 25.6 per cent saying "maybe", and 43.9 per cent answering "yes".

When married Indian men were asked about the same, 39.5 per cent said "no", followed by 36.4 per cent people saying "maybe", while 24.1 per cent said "yes".

On the other hand, when single women were asked "if they want to write their own vows, what it would be like?" 38.5 per cent said they "would continue to support their parents and family", followed by 36.2 per cent who said they "would share their lives together and continue to chase their dreams", and 25.3 per cent who said they "wouldn't change their identity".

When Indian men were asked the same, 36.1 per cent said they "would treat in-laws as their own parents", followed by 33.7 per cent said they "would never compare their wife's cooking with their mom's", and 30.2 per cent said they "would share household chores".

This online survey received over 15,700 responses from Indians (men and women; single and married) ranging from age 25 to 36 years.

"This survey re-affirms our belief that this generation knows exactly what they want. They have their own set of strong beliefs. Our quest is to help such like minded singles discover each other," Gourav Rakshit, Chief Executive Officer, Shaadi.com said in a statement.
Agency: IANS

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