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TRS MP charges TDP with obstructing TS projects

Wed, Jul 27, 2016, 12:50 PM
TRS MP Bura Narasaiah on Wednesday came down heavily on the government of Andhra Pradesh for obstructing the irrigation projects of Telangana, particularly the topical Mallannasagar reservoir project, through its TDP.

Addressing the media in New Delhi, Narasaiah said the Telangana government had not interfered with projects taken up by the AP government. We also did not criticise AP's plans. Did we ever say a word about Amaravati? he questioned.

He commented that the Telangana did not interfere because the State wanted to maintain good relations with AP. Not a word was said even though AP had grabbed lands of farmers in the name of Capital construction. Under what law did AP seize the farmers' lands? he asked.

Why does a capital require so much land as seized in Amaravati, he questioned. Still Telangana looked forward to good relations with AP.

He was angry with AP because the TDP and Congress leaders were talking through their hat as far as irrigation projects were concerned. `We will certainly build dams and will give water to people,' he said.

Telangana had taken up the Mallannasagar to give irrigation waters to five districts. Opposing the project, the opposition parties were making their moves as if on chessboard to come back to power.

Narsaiah said the TDP and the Congress were hatching plans to come back to power in Telangana. He urged the farmers not to fall for their machinations. If the TDP continued to obstruct projects, its leaders would not be allowed into Telangana villages.

As for the Mallannasagar, the TRS government had acquired lands in several villages and was doing so in the other villages. The KCR government would not let down the farmers. The oustees of the project would be done justice.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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