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Devil fish enters Krishna on eve of Pushkarams & creates scare

Sat, Jul 23, 2016, 12:42 PM
The introduction of Godavari waters into the Krishna basin under the Pattiseema project has brought in a new fish species, called devil fish, which is scaring the Krishna fishermen because of its spike-ridden body and uselessness for consumption. The new fish seen in the last couple of days is scaring even the staff engaged in the Krishna Pushkaram operations.

The fishermen say they have made a catch of 3 tons of fish in the past few days, but they had to dump the catch because of the devil fish that preys on the other fresh water fish and is itself not edible.

The fishermen are more worried because the devil fish is snapping their nets worth lakhs of rupees with its cutting edge spiked teeth, and devouring on the fresh water fish.

The Krishna is known for its edible fish, but the devil fish is eating away all fish in the river. It cannot be handled either, according to fishermen. They have sustained cuts because of the devil fish.

As such, the Krishna fishermen are scared of fishing now. They have said that they noticed the devil fish only after the Pattiseema water was released into the Krishna river.

When the fishermen were probably expecting `Pulasa' fish, a delicacy of the people in the Godavari districts, the devil fish is becoming a bugbear of the Krishna fishermen.

How could a new fish variety suddenly develop without the knowledge of the Godavari fishermen? They should be able to throw some light on the new fish species.

A net search tells there are some fish species that are dangerous. Puffer that bloats and causes injury to the handlers is one such. Puffer has spikes all over. Another that closely resembles is tiger fish, so named because of its struggles with the catcher.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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