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Most Americans oppose Trump's immigration proposals

Thu, Jul 21, 2016, 09:24 AM
Washington, July 21: At least two-thirds of Americans oppose the immigration proposals by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Gallup found in a poll.

Trump has made stemming the tide of illegals a campaign priority, saying he would build a wall on the border with Mexico and deport illegal immigrants if elected president, Xinhua news agency quoted the New York billionaire as saying.

The poll on Wednesday showed that 66 per cent of Americans opposes the idea of building a wall on the US-Mexico border, including 88 per cent of Democrats, 66 per cent of independents and 38 per cent of Republicans.

Similarly, 66 per cent of Americans opposes deporting illegal immigrants, including 83 per cent of Democrats, 65 per cent of independents and 48 per cent of Republicans.

A great majority of Americans, or 84 per cent, favour a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who meet certain requirements over a period of time, including 91 per cent of Democrats, 85 per cent of independents, and 76 per cent of Republicans, Gallup found.

Not surprisingly, given the greater support for a path to citizenship than deportation or building a wall on the US-Mexico border, Americans are more likely to say Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's immigration proposals, rather than Trump's, come closer to their own, Gallup found.

Fifty-three per cent of Americans said Clinton's immigration policies were closer to their own, compared to 37 per cent who said Trump's proposals on immigration come closer to their own.

Notably, more Republicans favour a path to citizenship than supporting construction of a border wall or deporting illegal immigrants.

Although a majority of Republicans favour this proposal, the 62 per cent who do so is much smaller than those (76 per cent) who favour a path to citizenship for immigrants living here illegally for a certain period of time, Gallup noted.
Agency: IANS

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