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City wine merchants rule out selling liquor to minors

Fri, Jul 15, 2016, 05:30 PM
The Hyderabad Wine Merchants Association on Friday protested against the charge that that they were selling liquor to minors. They said there was no question of their encouraging anyone to drink liquor.

They said the excise authorities were extracting excise duties from them by virtually holding a gun. While doing so, the excise authorities cannot say don't put up any `Happy Offers.'

The government was on the one hand levying taxes and duties, on the other they were saying `dont put up any offers or do good business.' How can a business be run in the circumstances? they asked.

If any untoward incident of minors drinking and causing accidents occurred, it was for the authorities to ensure that the erring youth were put behind the bars by lodging a perfect case. While the law is lax in such cases, blaming the liquor business for such happenings was not fair. It was for the government to mete out strict punishment in case of violation of the law so that the other youth would be scared to make the same blunder.

If any anything untoward happened, it is for the law to ensure a non-bailable case and ensuring that the erring youth were put behind the bars, so that it would a deterrent. Instead, if wine merchants were blamed, it would not be fair.

The wine merchants said they were prepared for minor losses in the business, but not greater losses. If the loss was Rs 1 lakh, they would be able to absorb it, but if it was Rs 1 crore they would not be able to recover.

In any case, there would be no encouraging minors to drink.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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