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BJP seizes on Diggiraja certificate to Dr Zakir Naik

Thu, Jul 07, 2016, 03:10 PM
Digvijay Singh, popularly called Diggiraja owing to his frequent visits to Hyderabad as Congress in-charge, may not have made much news as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh as he is making news out of office.

As Congress in-charge of Andhra Pradesh, Diggiraja is one of those who misled the party leadership for the self-goal by the party to divide the combined Andhra Pradesh and virtually wiped itself out of the region and thereby the country as a whole.

Now Diggiraja has got into trouble owing to an old video in which he addressed Dr Zakir Naik, who believes every Muslim is a terrorist, as a messenger of peace. Recently Muslims in Hyderabad (five Old City terror suspects), the recent terrorist attackers in Bangladesh and those in the United Kingdom have been influenced by Dr Zakir's speeches.

The occasion they met was when Digvijay Singh and Dr Zakir Naik shared a opublic platform, when a video was made.

Seizing upon the video, the BJP has gone to town, saying this is another instance of the Congress being soft on terrorism and because of its vote-bank politics.

Dr Zakir Naik controls a TV channel Peace TV, and the video is being played frequently on it to project Digvijay Singh's certificate.

The recent Bangla bomb blasts and terror acts hardly show Dr Zakir as a messenger of peace but its opposite. While it may or may not help in vote-bank politics, Diggiraja's certificate is surely going to put the party in a spot.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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